‘’End Inequalities; End AIDS; End Pandemic Elimination Of Viral Hepatitis; Can't Wait’’

The 3-day sensitization and advocacy programme on HIV Testing Service, Condom Distribution and Hepatitis Campaign/Testing in Market Places and Motor Parks – Makurdi, Benue State is organized by the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sport Development in partnership with SAM Empowerment Foundation is carried out to further sensitize the public on the importance of Testing, information and Preventive measures.
Most importantly, the sensitization and advocacy drive further lay credence to the need to continuously demystify the stigma on and around Persons living with HIV/AIDs and also further enlighten the minds of the general public.
Beyond the sensitization and advocacy, the targeted beneficiaries were given free access to HIV/AIDS Testing, Hepatitis B and C testing, Deworming, Vitamin A Supplemetation to children under 5 and dispensary of essential drugs. Also, Multivitamins for pregnant and lactating mothers were administered
Health is wealth!!!knowledge is Power!!!
Know your Status!!!
Live a healthy life!!!